Teacher Assistant for 3's

The Assistant supports the Lead Teacher in carrying out or creating and implementing the classroom curriculum. The Assistant is under the guidance and direction of the Lead Teacher. The Assistant is required to comply with the Arizona Department of Health guidelines and regulations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing objectives and lesson plans with the Lead Teach to be familiar enough with the curriculum to managing the classroom in case of the Lead teacher absence.
  • Teaching the Christian faith as described in Luther’s Small catechism. Assisting the teacher in teaching children how to pray, read and learn Bible stories as the Word of God.
  • Collaborating with the Lead Teacher to nurture and stimulate each child’s development as well as assist with arranging materials for the daily activities.
  • Promoting a positive classroom environment for the children’s learning and growth.
  • Helping maintain discipline according to the school guidelines and methods.
  • Unless directed by the Lead Teach, the Assist should not engage parents
    concerning a child’s progress in the classroom.
  • Assisting in the maintenance of a safe clean classroom environment in compliance with school policies.
  • Notifying the Lead Teach of any behavior observed that deviates from what is expected for child age. This includes learning, social, and developmental behaviors.
  • Giving full attention to the class and as well as the individual child.
  • Counting each child during transition times such as chapel, playground, and any activity when the students leave and return to the classroom.
  • Assisting children in proper hygiene.
  • The Assistant is an imitator of Jesus and is called to daily exercise patience, courage, perseverance and composure.


  • High school or High school equivalency diploma
  • 12 months employment as a teacher assistant or caregiver

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