2’s Lead Teacher

The 2’s Lead Teacher is responsible for creating and implementing the classroom curriculum as well as the academic, spiritual and social growth and  development of each child in the class. They are required to comply with all the Arizona Department of Health regulations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing objectives and lesson plans with the Director for the upcoming year and submitting lesson plans, the Friday before the coming week.
  • If the teacher has an assistant, they are to review classroom objectives with them and provide clear instruction as to what are the assistants responsibilities and duties
  • Teaching the Christian faith as described in Luther’s Small Catechism. The Teacher is expected to teach the children how to pray and to read the Bible as the Word of God.
  • The curriculum is to nurture and stimulate each child’s development and a love for learning.
  • Securing the materials needed to teach the lessons and notify the director of the need for additional materials.
  • Maintaining discipline, according to the school guidelines and methods
  • Maintaining ongoing and open communication with the parents concerning their child’s progress. Keep parents informed of up-coming events or special activities.
  • Maintaining ongoing and open communication with the assistant concerning the management of the classroom, upcoming events and any behavior concerns of a child.
  • Keeping the classroom clean and safe in compliance with the school policies. Any building maintenance issues are to be reported to the director immediately.
  • Responsible for recording and reporting to the Director any observed behaviors that deviate for what is expected for the child’s age. This includes academic learning, social interactions, and developmental concerns.
  • All extra-curricular material, videos, music, guest-visitors (i.e., police officer, fireman etc.) or any activity requiring the parents to pay additional monies must be reviewed and approved by the Director.
  • Giving full attention to the class and the individual child.
  • Daily attendance and count for each child during transition times such as chapel, playground, and any activity when students leave the classroom.
  • Always ensure each child’s safety and assist them in proper hygiene.
  • Completing an accident! incident report following any injury to a child and report it immediately to the Director.
  • Completing an incident report when physical contact between students that results in an injury or resulting from aggressive behavior.
  • Preparing the classroom for the days activities and be present in the classroom 10 minutes prior to the arrival of students.


  • CDA, NAC or CCP credentials OR an Associate or Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Early Childhood, Child Development or a closely-related field
  • 12 months employment as a teacher

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